meet the animals

Mobile Farms and Petting Zoos

Meet the Animals offers you a great experience to interact with a variety of animals. The animals we use are carefully selected to ensure that they are happy and relaxed in different environments.

Events we display at include family fun days, large public events (30,000 visitors), private parties, children's centres, church fetes, summer camps, weddings and christenings.

Our philosophy is that all who come into contact with the animals leave knowing at least one fact they did not know before they came, although it's normally many more.

Martin and Angie both lead the events teams with assistance from our wonderful, professional staff ensures that everyone enjoys the animal experience.


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
Miniature Shetland Miniature Shetland Goats Chickens Reptiles
Miniature Donkey Miniature Donkey Piglets Ducks  
Goats Goats Chickens Rabbits  
Piglets Piglets Ducks Guinea pigs  
Chickens   Rabbits Piglets  
Ducks   Guinea pigs    
Guinea pigs        

The above options are the most commonly requested groups of animals but we are more than happy to leave certain animals out or mix up the different animals or combine the reptiles and farmyard so please just give me a call to discuss Angie 07973 958313.


Funday, Fetes and Public Events

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Birthday Parties for 1-10 year olds

We are often asked for a petting farm plus a pony for riding. In the last few years the most popular 1-3 yr old parties have involved our miniature Shetland Pippin and an assortment of other animals which we get out once the pony riding has finished. The parents of the guests also enjoy getting involved with the animals. Please also see Ponies4Parties.

Please either call us or email using this contact form

mobile farmyard

Mobile Farm Setup

We use a number of different set-ups for the animal displays (please see below). One of the largest displays uses an area of approximately 12ft x 26ft, which is ideal for the large public events (fig 1). The penning system, which is used by farmers, is the most adaptable, so we can create different shapes. We can also display in separate areas (fig 2) with the rabbits and guinea pigs, chicks and ducks if necessary to spread the animals out into different groupings. All of the enclosures have signage with the animal fact sheets.